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04:19 виа"синяя птица" и сергей дроздов - слова (с. дьячков - о. гаджикасимов)
04:16 виа"синяя птица" - синий туман
04:12 виа"синяя птица" - радуга(м.болотный-н.шумаков)
04:09 виа"синяя птица"(г. куйбышев, ссср в … 1974 г.) - то не зорька ясная (с. левкин - в. бурыгин)
04:06 виа "синяя птица" - первая любовь моя (б. терентьев - в. харитонов)
04:02 виа"синяя птица" - белый теплоход
03:59 виа"синяя птица" - со скоростью света
03:55 виа"синяя птица"(г. куйбышев, ссср в … 1974 г.) - от любви не убегай (м. болотный - с. каминский)
03:49 виа"синяя птица"(г. куйбышев, ссср в … 1974 г.) - ты одна (м. болотный - и. шаферан)
03:46 виа"синяя птица" - знаешь ты( м.болотный - л.дербенев)
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Radio VIA Sinyaya Ptitsa you can listen on this page of our site. Station work in genres: Discography. Radio discography of the Soviet band "Sinyaya Ptitsa". According to the official website band was founded in 1975. For the very productive years of performing the band issued a lot of hits, lead successful tours and won award in all-nation competitions. The band has its own unique music style with easily recognizable lyrical vocals of the leading singer - Sergey Drozdov, who died in 2012. Songs of "Sinyaya Ptitsa" are a symbol of Soviet music and very nostalgic for the former Soviet citizens. Listen to the radio discography "Sinyaya Ptitsa" online on Pcradio website and in our apps. . Radio VIA Sinyaya Ptitsa has a rating 4.5. Broadcasting country: Russia. The station was rated by 38 listeners. Radio VIA Sinyaya Ptitsa you can also listen in the FMCUBE app for Android.
VIA Sinyaya Ptitsa
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