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FM CUBE is an easy and fast player for listening to online radio on Android. Thousands of interesting stations with traffic saving function. In the list of the player you can find both commercial radio stations broadcasting in the FM band from different countries and cities, as well as many other music stations of various genres. Among the radio, you can find discography stations with round-the-clock music without commercials on the air.

The player for online radio contains many useful features:

Really works stable where other applications cannot, thanks to the optimization of broadcast streams. The player consumes 4 times less traffic compared to other similar online radio applications and it needs 4 times less Internet speed. You can check it out by installing the FM CUBE app right now.

Flow rate switch

Switching the station flow rate in the main menu of the application helps to optimize the consumed traffic and work without interruptions and buffering where the Internet speed of the mobile operator is low or very low. All three levels of "quality" of the stream have a good sound and practically do not differ by ear.

Best sound quality in Premium mode. The most stable playback is the "Economy" mode where the Internet is of poor quality.

In most cases, the user of the application will be satisfied with the "Standard" stream.

You will be able to listen to online radio where other applications usually do not work due to the lack of Internet speed of cell towers: in the car, in the subway, in the city, outside the city, in the country, wherever there is a minimum Internet speed - from 28 kbps .

Useful Features of Android Radio App

  • Favorite station can be added to "Favorites" and it will no longer be lost among thousands of other stations.
  • The built-in audio equalizer helps improve the sound quality of live stations. Make the sound richer, louder or add bass.
  • Sleep timer to stop playing the radio station after a specified time. Set the number of minutes and lie down to rest. The player will turn off automatically.
  • Ether history. Missed a track on the air and want to know what sounded earlier on the station? Open the "Air History" and find a track or program by playing time. Most stations support meta tags, which allows you to save the broadcast history in the application for the current day.
  • Station menu. The player of the currently playing station at the bottom of the screen contains an additional menu, with which you can find the song playing on YouTube, copy the title of the track on the air, find the song in your device's browser using the search engine, or open the station's air history.
  • The "Settings" window in the application allows you to configure various parameters of the radio player: selecting a playback library, stream buffering, autostarting a station, changing the interface language, managing the sorting of radio station lists, turning logos on and off and many other useful options.

Radio player FM CUBE is millions of users around the world

High score and rating in app stores. A huge number of positive reviews, which our support team is happy to read. We have made a really high-quality and necessary product. Join FM CUBE - install the player to listen to radio online in Google Play.

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