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14:56 dotsfam - dust-свет
14:52 многоточие - во мраке пустоты (ssa (смена мнений) + многоточие)
14:48 третий путь - продажный город
14:45 mc l.e. - hometown
14:42 mc l.e. - exhausted (feat. руставели (многоточие) & kapus (fatcomplex))
14:34 третий путь - я был бы рад
14:31 многоточие - с.м.и. при уч. иезекииль 25:17
14:27 многоточие - в отдалении... (первая версия)
14:24 многоточие - счастье при уч. whitehotice и красное дерево
14:20 третий путь - время
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Radio Mnogotochie 18+ you can listen on this page of our site. Station work in genres: Discography. Mnogotochie - Russian rap group from Moscow, which existed from 1998 to 2007, "Ellipsis" is one of the most famous rap groups in Russia, fans and critics have attributed to this group such genres kakgangsta rap ("hip-hop hop ") and political rap. Wrote most of the texts and the unofficial leader of the group is Rustam Alyautdinov - "Rustaveli". The band released three albums just as it was conceived in 1998. Three points - three albums.. Radio Mnogotochie 18+ has a rating 5.0. Broadcasting country: Russia. The station was rated by 36 listeners. Radio Mnogotochie 18+ you can also listen in the FMCUBE app for Android.
Mnogotochie 18+
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