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08:42 бигимот - смешное счастье
08:40 хуй забей - помоложе
08:39 хуй забей - ну и ну
08:39 хуй забей - борюсь
08:35 бигимот - могло бы быть
08:33 хз - ты утонула
08:32 бигимот - веселись дурак ванюха
08:32 хуй забей - походкой
08:30 хуй забей - как ходил
08:29 хуй забей - первый снег
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Radio Hui zabei 18+ you can listen on this page of our site. Station work in genres: Discography. Dick Fuck (H. Z.) - Soviet / Russian underground band from a prominent, founded in 1989 by school friends and neighbors in the stairwell "Behemoth" and "Karabas." Most lyrics comprises one verse and has a duration of 30-50 seconds. Music band performed primarily in the genres: blues, jazz, rock, pop, French chanson and even country. At the initial stage of the creative ways the band played in punk rock. As a vocalist, in addition to Vladimir Koptsova at different times attended Marina Khlebnikov. Radio Hui zabei 18+ has a rating 4.5. Broadcasting country: Russia. The station was rated by 12 listeners. Radio Hui zabei 18+ you can also listen in the FMCUBE app for Android.
Hui zabei 18+
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