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18:05 баста - меньше слов
18:01 баста - чувства
17:56 баста - дай мне
17:51 баста & смоки мо - жить достойно
17:47 баста - ты та...
17:43 баста - так плачет весна
17:38 баста & смоки мо - жить достойно
17:33 баста ft. смоки мо & словетский - надежда.ру
17:28 баста - crazymflove
17:25 баста ft. гига - здрасьте
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Radio Basta you can listen on this page of our site. Station work in genres: Discography. Basta (real name - Vasily Vakulenko) - a popular Russian rap artist, composer, teleradioveduschy, actor, screenwriter, director and producer. Also known by such nicknames as Noggano and N1NT3ND0. Leading radio NEXT FM, also directed several films on gazgolder.com. Together with Coupet is Hip Hop TV on gasholder. Vasily in 2007 founded the label Gazgolder and is its owner. The song "My Game", written under the pen name Busta Oink in 1998, was the beginning of his solo career, hip-hop artist. At t. Radio Basta has a rating 4.0. Broadcasting country: Russia. The station was rated by 126 listeners. Radio Basta you can also listen in the FMCUBE app for Android.
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