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12:12 брати гадюкiни - файне мiсто тернопiль
12:08 брати гадюкiни - боже не дай
12:04 брати гадюкіни - приїдь до мене у мостиська
12:01 брати гадюкiни - рок-н-рол до рана
11:58 брати гадюкіни - чорна горівка
11:55 брати гадюкіни - лібідо
11:51 брати гадюкіни - міську вважай
11:46 брати гадюкiни - наркомани на городі
11:45 брати гадюкіни - вступна промова
11:40 брати гадюкiни - 117 стаття
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Radio Braty Hadiukiny you can listen on this page of our site. Station work in genres: Discography. Braty Hadiukiny - is a Ukrainian rock band from Lviv, one of the most successful Ukrainian bands of Soviet times. The band's musical style combines different genres such as rock'n'roll, blues, punk, reggae, funk and folk. Ironic song lyrics contain a lot of local vernacularisms, slang and surzhyk. The name translates as "Hadyukin Brothers", where the fictional surname Hadyukin is derived from the word hadyuka, or "viper". The abbreviation literally means "snakes" (In Ukrainian the two words are. Radio Braty Hadiukiny has a rating 4.5. Broadcasting country: Ukraine. The station was rated by 8 listeners. Radio Braty Hadiukiny you can also listen in the FMCUBE app for Android.
Braty Hadiukiny
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