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Online radio player - FMCube

Thousands of popular stations are collected in one radio player.

Now it's easy to listen to your favourite stations with FMCube player. Upon loading program connects to the server to get all the needed updates. All the channels in the playlist are automatically updated, all the new stations are automatically added if there is any kind of update in the radio catalogue at the website. You can save your favorite station to the Favorites list. Equalizer lets you enhance or fine tune the sound quality of the radio playing. Timer and alarm clock will be useful in your everyday life.

Fast, light weight and beautiful internet radio player with useful features. Download and install the best radio player. Start listening to the radio now!

The unique feature of this player - it delivers good sound quality even with low speed Internet connection. FMCube player is perfect not only for users with broadband connection, but also for those using EDGE, 2G, 3G, satellite internet with slonax, globax at the surfing and unlimited tariffs. All the streams are specially compressed to let you listen to the radio with slow speed connection preserving the highest sound quality and low Internet traffic consuming. FMCube - the best radio player for slow internet connection!   

New in the 4.0.5 version:

- Redesigned version of the player
- Bugs fixed
- New skin selection feature